Betting on Sports

There are several types of bets placed in the global market. You can go to a casino to place a bet on several games available there which purely depends upon luck and your performance. Similarly there is most popular type of betting which is betting on sports. These bets are placed on different types of sports in different parts of the world, like in the US, bets on rugby, football and baseball are popular. The bets can be placed on any event or action during the sport like scoring of the first goal, total number of goals scored by a team, player scoring the first goal and so on. The different between casino bets and sports bets is that in casinos you are the player yourself while in sports betting the sports people play.

There are two sectors in sports betting, organized sector and unorganized sector. In unorganized sector people bet amongst themselves like friends and acquaintances and whosoever loses the bet pays the winner. While in organized sector betting is facilitated by bookmakers commonly known as bookies. These bookmakers organize market for sports bettors and in case of any win or loss in the bets they are able to make out their profits. In some countries bookmaking is illegal and in some it is regulated by governmental authorities. Bets are placed on all sorts of sports like Soccer, Hockey, Cricket, Boxing, Basketball, etc.

Bookmakers are also notorious for fixing sports matches. They may secretly make some agreement with the players to win or lose or to perform in a particular way so that they know the result beforehand and make money by knowing the results by manipulating bets and bet amount. Many such bookmakers have been also caught and penalized but the process or their deeds keep coming to light quiet often. No matter what bookmakers do after all some result of the sport match has to come so people can keep on betting on the basis of guesswork and past performance of the teams and players. In the days to come betting on sports is likely to increase in all parts of the world considering the ascending trend.

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