Football Betting Options

Football is no doubt one of the most popular sport on planet earth , with each major event attracting billions of TV viewership. With such intense following & amazing love for the game there comes a strong inclination to bet on football events.

Throughout the year, all major online Sportsbooks offer a huge variety of football bets (how to bet on football ). On these sports book sites you can set up your account in few minutes and get instant access to the betting markets.

Following are some of the basic football betting options.

Match Betting

It is one of the simplest form amongst betting options where you place bets on outcome of the match. All possible out comes are priced at specific odds.

Bets can be placed on the team or on a draw. Along match betting you can also vote on handicap bet which can give a goal advantage or disadvantage to a team prior to the match.

Score betting

Score betting comes with a range of betting options where bets are normally placed upon the final scores of the match . This betting option tend to carry very high odds.

Another option is to place bets on the goal scorer i-e who will score the goal. Scorer bets carry high odds and carry several variations that include any time goal scorer , high goal scorer , first goal scorer etc

Special Bets

There are a range of betting opportunities associated with each soccer game and many of the bookmakers offer specialized bets tailor made for a specific game. These specialized bet include the number of corners , penalty kicks , which player will be injured and so on. Special bets carry very high odds and literary each aspect of the game attracts an odd.

Tournament bets

Tournaments bets ranges from betting on a tournament winner , the finalist team , the semi final teams and so so. The bookmaker normally defines the limits to Tournament betting oppurtunities.

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