Fun with Card Games

Introduction to Card Games

Card games are games which players play using cards of equal size and shapes. There are several rules pertaining to these card games depending upon the type of card game you choose to play. Card games are played in all parts of the world and according to the local environment several card games came into being and they reveal local influence in the game. Some games which use cards are not included in card games like board. The main concentration in a card game is on cards while main focus on board is on board rather than cards while cards are ancillary to the main position of players on the board. Like cards, the same types of games can be played with tiles made of plastic, wood or similar materials like dominoes and mahjong tiles.

Procedure of playing card games

In card game, there is a pack of cards identical in shape and size and have 2 sides of them commonly known as face and back. The backs of these cards are the same so that we cannot identify what type the face is. The faces of these cards are unique and some faces may have a combination one sets, like 4 jokers in a pack. This set of all cards taken together are often shuffled so that none of the player knows which card is placed where, and then these cards are distributed amongst the players. In each of the card games there are numbers of maximum players specified who can play that game. There are also single player games known as solitaire or patience card games. There are also 2 player or more than two player card games. The cards from the pack, mostly, are not fully distributed so as to keep the suspense that which cards have been held by which player and which are in the undistributed pile. The dealer or distributor of cards takes all the cards in the pack called deck in his hands and shuffles it and then passes this pack to the player next to him for cutting. During all these stages the cards face downwards with back only visible. After cut the cards are then distributed to the players by the dealer. After the deal is complete the players pick up their cards with faces downwards so that the others cannot see them. The cards can be arranged in order of a fan so that the value of each card can be seen in the corner and the players can opt for the appropriate cards to play. Then depending upon the rules of the game type the game is played. Online card games are also played in a similar fashion, just that they are played on computer.

Betting or Gambling with cards

Betting or gambling can be done with these card games. Players can bet on some thing like money and the winner can take away the money bet or put on gamble. In this manner the game can reward the winner and make the loser lose money or some of his belongings, while virtually or online the loss is only in terms of money as online gaming sites provide monetary betting only.

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