Mobile vs. Non-Mobile Casino Games

Looking through some of the casino games available at the big online casinos, you’ll notice that some are tagged as being ‘mobile’ while others are not. Does this mean that only mobile games can be played on mobile platforms?


Generally that isn’t exactly true. Because most online casinos nowadays use flash or html5 based technology, their games tend to be fairly mobile friendly. However there are some specific types of games that are designed from the ground up to be ideal when played on a mobile platform – and these are the ones that are tagged as mobile.


If you check out some of the games at you’ll see firsthand what this means. Go ahead and try out some of the ‘mobile’ games, and you’ll notice that:


  • Most are designed for touch interfaces, so they don’t require any dragging, right clicks, typing and so on – instead, they can be played from a touchscreen simply by tapping certain locations
  • The games tend to emphasize graphics and design elements that would look good on mobile screens, and utilize resolutions that would look good too


In some situations, the non-mobile games however may not be set up to be ideal when played on a mobile platform. A good example of this is games that require a ‘mouse over’ interaction. If a game is designed to only show certain information when the cursor hovers over a particular area, that isn’t going to translate well to a tablet or smartphone since there is no way to do so.


Long story short, if you intend to play regularly from a mobile you certainly won’t find your selection of games to be that limited. However what you will find is that certain games are designed to be played on these devices, while others are not. It is up to you to try them out for yourself and see what you’d prefer.


Of course, there are also certain casinos that require you to download an app in order to play from your mobile phone or tablet. This is an approach that most casinos are gradually phasing out, but as of right now there are still some that utilize it. Whether or not you wish to download an additional piece of software in order to play is entirely up to you however – just be sure that it is all above board.

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