Poker Playing Benefits

Benefits of playing poker

There is a controversy that poker is a game of luck or a game of skills. Poker is indeed a game of skills and also helps in enhancing your skills though there is also an element of some luck attached to it. Poker is also a motivator as when you get rewarded by winning you tend to learn those skills and use them more frequently as you are inspired by them but when you lose you get de-motivated and abandon those types of steps that prove to be mistakes of yours. Hence by playing poker you tend to follow the right path and quit the wrong ones. One of the poker’s features is that it provides you instantaneous results about your actions and deeds. If you perform a deed in your routine life then you get the results too late and still you have to find the reason of your result which is time consuming, but while playing poker you get instantaneous results and the reasons to them. Quicker results and their reasons make you learn things faster. Poker also instills decision making ability as when we take more risk we may get prosecuted for that, so poker teaches how to take a calculated risk in life so that we are not harmed still we get the best out of our decisions. Poker also enhances calculating skills of players. Most of the times we remain busy in our lives and if our job does not involve computation our brain tends to become weak in this act but while playing poker you need to calculate and hence it encourages you to be good in calculations or mathematical skills. Poker improves logical ability and teaches us not just to make decisions sentimentally. As in poker we are not aware about the cards of the opponents we need to apply logic to determine what type of cards they would have got. Poker also develops patience in you. It teaches you to wait for the right situation and then act as those who act in a hurry lose much in their lives. Poker also keeps you disciplined. When you play poker you need to abide by the games rules and act only when required and not act in odd situation. Hence this gives you a good lesson to be disciplined. Apart from all Poker also teaches you how to handle odd situations and how to handle losses. Once you are experienced in poker you master all the qualities required in life and can handle all the situations and become more virtuous.

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