Top Variants of Poker Generally Found in Casinos

Poker came to existence in America in the mid 1900s AD. Poker since then has become very popular not only in the US but throughout the world which has many variants. Online poker is available on both computer and mobile devices. In case of mobile devices you may need to download the game’s app. from a site providing this service. Download the 888poker android app. Here.  A few of the variants of poker are listed below:

Texas Holdem:  Texas Holdem is called King of poker and is the most popular variant of poker. Its sub categories are Pot Limit, No Limit and Limit Texas Holdem. After the first two cards followed by a flop of 3 cards, there is a betting round. There are a lot of tips you can gather related to this game both online and offline and it is really a fun once you have mastered it.

Guts: One can experience tremendous of excitement while playing this classic game of poker chicken due to its bluffing and showdowns. There are numerous variations of this game but the most common one is three cards a piece. All the players losing must match the pot. In this game the highest 3 card hand remaining in the game is allowed to win the absolute pot and each of the losing hands have to pay penalty of the entire pot.

Chinese Poker:  In this variation of poker the bets can sometimes reach up to thousands of dollars. In this variant each level of hand is pitted with the same level of hand. For each point won the player is given a point and a bonus point is given for winning the best of 3 match-up for a total possibility of 4 points.

Midnight Baseball:  In this card game the hand of a player is exposed one at a time. It is only this version of the game that 3s and 9s are wild and the players can buy an extra card for a set amount when a 4 is exposed. The best 5 card poker hand is allowed to win the huge pot.

5 Card Draw:  I this game the people playing are dealt five cards face down. The beginning of the betting is to the left of the dealer and before the first draw one round of betting had already taken place. The unwanted cards can be discarded by the players and new cars picked from the deck.

Same as the above there are numerous variants of poker and this number is still growing allowing the players to get fun from all the possible aspects.

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